Driving Derby II

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Saturday, September 16, 2017
Join us this Saturday in Giddings for our second Driving Derby. This carriage-driving event requires no fancy clothes and is informal and fun. This is an excellent opportunity to bring your equine and practice both of your driving skills. The Derby is a course of cones and other elements which must be driven in the proper order. Fastest time wins. Novice (Training) level drivers must walk or trot only, so no pressure to go faster than you are comfortable with. Open (Preliminary) drivers are allowed to canter and you may see some really speedy ones! Spectators are encouraged and welcome!

Event starts at 10:00 on Saturday, come early if you can to help set up. Depending on the number of entries, each driver does 2 runs in the morning and another 2 after lunch. You may enter at the event, but please contact organizer (Chyrl Goetzman) or come early so driving order can be set.

See you Saturday!

Cost: $40

Organizer: Chyrl Goetzman
Email: chyrl@mac.com

Lee County Sheriffs Rodeo Arena
2591 W. Highway 290
Giddings, TX 78942