The way it works is as follows:

1. The club buys general liability insurance which covers the club and its members at events listed on the policy, e.g. Pine Hill and the ADT. This insurance is currently in place.
2. By purchasing the general liability insurance the club is entitled to obtain personal excess liability coverage for its members at a nominal fee.
3. Individual club members can purchase the personal excess liability coverage at a cost of $19/individual or $38/family per annum. The policy covers property damage and personal injury caused by the insured’s equine at any location – NOT just at club events that are covered by the club policy. It does not cover injuries to the insured (i.e. the driver) – that would be covered by the person’s medical insurance. It also does not cover injuries to the horse that is owned by the insured but would cover damages to another person’s horse if the insured is sued.
4. The insurance is designed to act as excess liability coverage BUT if the individual does not have basic homeowner’s insurance, this policy will act as primary coverage.
5. The excess liability policy runs from Jan – Dec.
6. You must be a member of HACA to purchase the insurance.
7. The insurance does not cover “professional” activities, i.e. trainers or carriage rides for hire – anything for which compensation is received.

Attached is a copy of FAQs which will give you a brief overview of what the policy provides.

ARG Personal Excess FAQ 2014